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  • Name: online alcohol concentration meter
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Product Description

        MD-3051 series online alcohol concentration meter

be used for online density measurement of various liquid

and liquid mixture. It is widely applied to the petrochemical

industry, food industry, dairy industry, paper industry,

chemical industry, biopharmaceutical industry and other

production sites.

   Specific Applied Scopes as Below


1. the measurement of petroleum, natural gas, mining salt,

oil refining, oil and water interface detection in the

petrochemical industry

2. the measurement of grape juice, tomato juice, fruit

syrup, vegetable oil wine alcohol and soft drink

processing in the food and dairy industry

3. the measurement of black pulp, green pulp, white pulp

and alkali solution in the paper industry

4. the measurement of urea, detergents, ethylene glycol,

lubricating oil, acid solution and polymer


Main Features

1. integrated structure transmitter with two-wire, no

moving parts and maintain easily

2. four and a half digital LCD display

3. easy to install and use, display the digital as long as it is

inserted into the liquid

4. for use in fluid or stationary liquid, and suitable for

internal installation of pipes and tanks

5. two parameters ( temperature and density ) can be

alternately displayed, for easy conversion of industry

standard density

6. continuous online measurement of liquid density during

non-interrupted process, can be directly used in the

process control of production

7. stainless steel wetted components, safe and reliable

8. safe type for use in hazardous environments, hygienic

type for use in food production site

Technical Parameters

1. Current Output: 4 ~ 20mA

2. Digital Signal: HART protocol

3. Power Supply: 16 ~ 30V DC    (24V DC is


4. DensityRange: 0 to 1 g/cm3,0 to 2 g /cm3, 0 to 3 g/cm3

5. Accuracy: 0.001 g / cm

6. Resolution: 0.0005 g / cm3

7. Temperature Range: 0 ~ 100

8. Temperature Accuracy: 0.2

9. Ambient Temperature: -10 ~ 60

10. HumidityRange: 0 ~ 90%  


When ordering, please specify the length of body, sensor

spacing, the medium, the range and the site conditions,

such as explosion-proof, corrosion, sanitary, general, etc.



1. The spacing between two sensors of the online liquid level

densitometer should be at least 200mm, and the diameter is

50mm. Its size on site should not be less than the standard. If

you select the bending type densitometer, please measure the

size of flanges and the length of pipes inserted into the liquid.

2.The two measuring sensors must be submerged by liquid on

site. Also the spacing between the first sensor and the flange

can be selected.

3. MD3051 online alcohol concentration meter can theoretically

measure the density of different media. Users can convert the

density results according to the situation on site.

4. The red parts in the diagrams are mounted matching flange,

we can install it for users. If necessary, please indicate if the

matching flange is needed when ordering.

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