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  • Name: Shunt rotor wing type steam flowmeter
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Shunt rotor wing type steam flowmeter


Production introduction:


This flowmeter is the special instrument for measuring the steam flow rate. It could measure the flow rate of the overheating vapor and saturated vapor. The all quality(weight)of the flowmeter could be directly read through  the counter dial plate and the fllowmeter could also output the pulse signal  to connecting twice telemetering. The flowmeter are applicable in the industries of oil, chemical, light , metallurgy, textile, food, and medicine etc.


Working principle:


When the steam enter the flowmeter, one part is throttled by the hole plate, the other part jet to the impellers by the nozzle, thereby driving the rotor spindle to turn. Because of the effect of the damping liquid, making the rotor spindle whirl with its own torque which mutually balance with the torque of the damping vane, and also driving the pointer of the counter to turn. Because the flow rate flowing through the nozzle is proportional basically with the total flow rate, so by measuring out the part flow rate of the nozzle, the total flow rate flowing through the flowmeter could be obtained.


Product features:


Low measuring cost, wide measuring range, being resistable to the vapor flow rate of sudden flow rate reaching :200%, long work time, easy use and maintenance.


The main technical parameters:



The installation size:


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