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Radar level meter

Product description:

1. Small antenna size, easy to install; Non-contact radar, no wear, no pollution.
2. Almost no corrosion, bubble effect; almost not affected by water vapor in the atmosphere, the temperature and pressure changes.
3. Serious dust environment on the high level meter work has little effect.
4. A shorter wavelength, the reflection of solid surface inclination is better.
5. Beam angle is small, the energy is concentrated, can enhance the ability of echo and to avoid interference.
6. The measuring range is smaller, for a measurement will yield good results.
7. High signal-to-noise ratio, the level fluctuation state can obtain better performance.
8. High frequency, measurement of solid and low dielectric constant of the best choice.



Product name:

26G radar level meter

Casing window


The ground terminal

Stainless steel

Cable entrance / plug

One M20xl.5 cable entrance   

One blind plug


Conductor cross section 1.0m

The output signal

(4 ~ 20) mA/RS485

Communication protocol



1.6u A

Fault signal

Constant current output; 20. 5mA 22mA

22mA  3.9mA 

The integral time

(0 ~ 50) s, adjustable

Blind area

the ends of the antenna

The maximum distance measurement

70 meters

Microwave frequency


Communication interface

HART communication protocol

The measurement interval

about 1 second (depending on the parameter settings)










All kinds of corrosive liquid




Solid material, Strong dust


Solid material, Strong dust

Solid particles, Powder


Hygienic liquid storage,Corrosive container

Measuring Range

10 meters

30 meter

70 meters

70 meters

30 meters

20 meters

Process Connection

Thread, Flange

Thread, Flange     

Universal Flange

Universal Flange

Thread, Flange


Medium Temperature

-40°C ~ 120°C


-40°C~ 150°C

-40°C ~ 250°C


-40°C~ 250°C

-40°C~ 250°C

-40°C ~ 150°C


Process Pressure

-0.1~0.3 MPa

-0.1 ~ 4.0 MPa

-0.1 ~ 0.1 MPa

-0.1 ~ 0.1 MPa

-0.1 ~ 4.0MPa

-0.1 ~ 4.0MPa


± 5mm

± 3mm

± 15mm

± 15mm

± 10mm

± 3mm


1.Application: Lliquid
2.Measuring Range:30 meters
3.Process Connection: Thread, Flange
4.Medium Temperature: -40°C ~ 150°C
5.Process Pressure: -0.1~4.0 MPa
6.Accuracy: ± 3mm
7.Protection Grade: IP67
8.Frequency Range: 26GHz
9.Signal Output:4... 20mA/HART (Two-wire / Four)RS485/ Modbus
10.Explosion-proof Grade: Exia ⅡC T6 Ga


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PC debugging 
Connected to PC by HART
1. RS232 interface or USB interface
2. Radar level meter
3. HART adapter



HART handheld programmer                   


1. HART handheld programmer
2. Radar level meter


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