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SITRANS P310 pressure transmitters are particularly suited for
use in the industrial areas of Energy, Oil & Gas as well as
Water/Wastewater. Electromagnetic compatibility in the range
10 kHz to 1 GHz makes them suitable for locations with high
electromagnetic emissions.
Pressure transmitters with type of protection "Intrinsic safety" and
"Explosion-proof" may be installed within potentially explosive atmospheres (zone 1) or in zone 0. The pressure transmitters are
provided with an EC type examination certificate and comply
with the corresponding harmonized European standards
Pressure transmitters with the type of protection "Intrinsic safety"
for use in zone 0 may be operated with power supply units of category "ia" and "ib".
The transmitters can be equipped with various designs of remote seals for special applications such as the measurement of
highly viscous substances.
The pressure transmitter can be operated locally over 3 input
buttons or programmed externally over HART interface.

Pressure transmitter for gauge pressure
Measured variable: Gauge pressure of aggressive and non-aggressive gases, vapors and liquids.
Span (infinitely adjustable):
0.01 bar to 700 bar (0.15 psi to 10153 psi)

Pressure transmitters for differential pressure and flow
Measured variables:
• Differential pressure
• Small positive or negative pressure
• Flow q ~
p (together with a primary differential pressure
device (see Chapter "Flow Meters")
Span (infinitely adjustable):
1 mbar ... 30 bar (0.0145 ... 435 psi)

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