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SITRANS F M electromagnetic flowmeters are designed for measuring the flow of electrically conductive mediums.
The full SITRANS F M program consists of three different types
of flowmeters making Siemens unique in that it covers all possible applications where electromagnetic flowmeters are a suitable match:

Modular pulsed DC flowmeters cover all ordinary applications
within all industries. The wide variety of combinations and versions from the modular system means that ideal adaptation is
possible to each measuring task and application.

SITRANS F M products
Battery-operated water meters (fully electronic) are the perfect
match for drinking water applications like network distribution,
revenue metering and irrigation where mains power is not available. In addition, it complies with the MID (EU) and OIML

High-powered flowmeters are used for difficult applications
where other flowmeters cannot stand up to the task. This flowmeter can handle liquids and heavy slurries in industries such as
mining, cement and pulp and paper.

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