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Measuring principle
Swimming against the flow requires more power and more time than swimming with the flow. This simple
fact is the basis for ultrasonic flow measurement according to the “differential transit time” method:
This method uses two sensors, set opposite each other in the measuring tube. Each sensor can alternately
transmit and receive ultrasonic signals, while simultaneously measuring the signal transit time. As soon
as the fluid in the tube starts to flow, the signals are accelerated in the direction of flow but delayed in the
opposite direction. The differential transit time, measured by the two sensors, is directly proportional to the
flow rate.

Clamp-on sensors
• For retrofitted installation without interrupting the

• Aggressive fluids can be measured without any problems,
even under high pressure

• Suitable for pipes made of plastic, steel, cast iron or
composite materials (lined/unlined)

• For pipe diameters up to DN 4000
Inline sensors
• Guaranteed accuracy thanks to traceable factory

• Robust industrial design in accordance with ASME
and EN

• Short inlet runs
• For pipelines up to DN 2000

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