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Product Introduce


AFTL tuning fork vibration level switch is caused to vibrate by the resonance

of the piezoelectric crystal. When effected by the material damping, the amplitude

suddenly  reduces,  then  the  frequency  and  phase  change  significantly.  These

changes will be detected by the internal electronic circuit, and be transformed into

a switching signal output. The product can monitor, control and alarm the high and

low bit of tanks. Also it is suitable for a variety of liquid, powder, granular solid. It is

practical simple reliable adaptable and maintenance-free. The tuning fork

and output have working condition and diode indicator, which can be adjusted as

habit. Also it has two power supply input modes(220V AC and 24V DC) and many

power supply output modes(DC output type, DC voltage output type, relay contact

output type). All types have high and low alarm sets, which can be done sensitivity

setting according to the situation.

Technical Parameters

 medium temperature range: -20 ° C to 220 ° C

 ambient temperature: -20 ° C to 80 ° C

 ambient humidity: ≤ 95% RH

 measured medium: liquid, powder or granular solid

 measured medium density: solid ≥ 0.1g/cm3, liquid ≥ 0.7g/cm3

 measured solid particle size: ≤ 10mm

 maximum liquid viscosity: <1000mm2 / s

 measured medium repose angle: ≥ 200

 pressure range: ≤ 1MPa

 shell material: die-casting aluminum alloy

 fork material: 1Cr18Ni9Ti

 shell protection: IP65

 connection: 1 "NPT thread / flange (two ways)

 electrical parameters:

1: supply voltage: 24 V DC; 220V AC 50Hz

2: output signal: relay output double-pole double-throw (DPDT)

contact capacity: 8A 220V AC 4A 24V DC

3: power consumption: ≤ 2W

 tuning fork vibration frequency: 300 ± 50Hz

 ambient vibration level: V.L.4 acceleration is not more than 1g

 switch signal operating time: 1-60s

Electrical Connection

red light: power indicator.   green light: fork status indicator.

1, 2 terminals: 220V AC

3: ground

4: DC 24V +

5: DC 24V -

6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 terminals are relay output contacts.


      When limit alarm is L, the fork vibration is indicated by green light

out. The terminal blocks 6, 7, 9 and 10 are normally closed, but 7, 8, 10, and 11

are open.   Adjusting delay knobs can make alarm release delay 1 to 60s.

      When limit alarm is H, the fork vibration is indicated by green light lit. The

terminal blocks 6, 7, 9 and 10 are normally closed, but 7, 8, 10, and 11 are open.

When the object touches the fork, the fork stops vibrating, then green light lits and

relay contact turns over. The terminal blocks 6, 7, 9 and 10 disconnect, but 7, 8,

10, and 11 close. Adjusting delay knobs can make alarm release delay 1 to 60s.

       Usually, we dispatch status in L directly to choose relay output terminals to

reach upper and lower alarm.

Sensitivity adjustment: It is adjusted according to the density of medium. The

lower the density, the higher the sensitivity.

It may cause false positive in a strong vibration condition. You can solve it

by turning down the sensitivity.

After choosing the status indicate, please do wiring according to the

instructions and switch on the power. When you gently touch the tuning fork with

hands as material simulation, the status indicators should transform state. When

your hands leave, the indicator light restores. After doing this many times and

ensure normal work, you can start installation.

Tuning Fork Switch Ordering Information Sheet





Tuning Fork Switch


Power Supply


220V AC


24V DC


Temperature Type


High Temperature Type


Common Type


Fork Sort


Standard Type


Shock Rod Type


Compact Type


Fork Type and Insertion Depth Range


Small Fork 45mm~3000mm


Standard Fork 100mm~3000mm


Process Connection/Material


1″ NPT thread/316ss


G1″ thread/316ss


DN25 PN4.0MPa/316ss


DN40 PN4.0MPa/316ss


DN50 PN4.0MPa/316ss


1″ Clamp/316ss


2″ Clamp/316ss


Shell/Cable Interface Size


Die-cast Aluminum Shell Explosion-proof IP67/NPT 3/4″


316ss Shell Explosion-proof IP67/M20X1.5

Customers Supply

Insertion Length

Product Advisory
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