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  • 1.Size:DN15~DN40
    2.Easy installation
    3.Battery life more than 9 years
    4.high-quality transducer and advanced electronic measurement technology
  • 1.Diameter:DN10~DN3000mm
    3.Power supply:24VDC/220VDC
    4.Application:conductive liquid
    5.Material:stainless steel 316L(optional)
  • 1.Measuring flow rate:0-100(T/h),0 -100000(M3/h)
    2.Pipe diameter:DN50mm-DN800mm
    3.Measurement type:differential pressure
    4.Flow totalizer(optional)
  • 1.Shunt rotor wing type steam flowmeter
    2.specially used for measuring steam flow rate. of oil, chemical, light , metallurgy, textile, food, and medicine etc.
  • 1.Measured medium: liquid, air, stream
    2.Nominal diameter: DN15-DN500
    3.The temperature range: -60℃~ 600℃
    4.Nominal pressure:≤10MPa
  • 1.High Accuracy: 1.0% or 0.5%
    2.Pipe size:DN25-DN300mm
    3.Process temperature:-30~80 degree C
    4.Power supply:24V DC or battery
    5.LCD display, 4-20mA output
  • 1.Accuracy:0.5%、0.2%.
    2.Working pressure:1.6~6.3MPa
    3.Working temperature:-20~200℃
    4.Viscosity(mpa.s) :0.6-200 , 3-200
  • 1.Linearity: 0.5%, Repeatability: 0.2%, Accuracy:±1%
    2.Easy to operate.
    3.measuring pipe size is from DN15mm to DN6000mm
    4.Small dimension 210mmx90mmx30mm